Dear IGFA:

This letter is in reference to the qualifications of Nunzio Incremona for the IGFA certified guide program.  I have known Nunzio since 1995 when I met him as the fishing manger of the Orvis retail shop in downtown Philadelphia, PA.  Over the years I have used Nunzio as a guide on numerous occasions for freshwater trout, and salmon, and in saltwater for striped bass. I can testify to his incredible knowledge, skill, and teaching ability. I have learned much of my fly fishing knowledge under his guidance.  His experience fly fishing all over the country for a variety of species, under various conditions sets him apart from many other guides. Not many individuals have his fishing background or prowess with a fly rod. He has on all occasions been very professional and has demonstrated the highest ethical standards.  I think he would be an excellent candidate for your guide program. 

After using Nunzio as a guide for several years, I asked him if he would be a mentor to me. I am very thankful to him that he granted my request. We began fishing together on a regular basis, and over the years he has imparted to me a wealth of information.   Nunzio introduced me to the IGFA and encouraged me to become a regular member, which I have been for many years. I can further testify to his angling ability and ethical standards as a fisherman, as I have personally accompanied him on numerous occasions when he was in the process of trying to set the 2 lb. tippet records on both king salmon and brown trout.  I was fortunate to have been with him on the water when he set both of those records. I can testify to the 100% authenticity of those records. 

In summary, I would like to give Nunzio my highest recommendation as both a fisherman and guide. I consider it a privilege to have met him during my lifetime and consider him a personal friend and mentor.  I know his teaching ability and professionalism are just what any client would want out of their guide. His IGFA tippet records prove his talent with a fly rod. He is an excellent representative for IGFA and he would make a welcome addition to your certified guide program. If you would like to ask me any questions concerning Nunzio’s abilities as a guide, feel free to email me at dreber@ptd.net or please contact me at 717-664-3627.

Respectfully yours,

R. Joseph Ebersole
IGFA member #45114

International Game Fish Association
Att; Darlene Daniel

Reference for Nunzio J Incremona
Captain/Guide Program

Dear Ms Daniel,

After many years away from fly fishing, I was fortunate to meet Nunzio for guidance. He is very accomplished and I am taking this opportunity to recommend his guide services for all skill levels and all ages, since he covers every aspect of fishing calmly, efficiently and makes it fun. I was impressed with his focus on several matters, that all too often, are overlooked in training. Casting technique is very important, but it is in the areas of safety, knowing ones strengths and weaknesses, etiquette and understanding and reading "water" where I think he sets an example beyond the average. He is someone who, in my opinion, inspires confidence in difficult situations.

Yours sincerely,

David H Drewery

International Game Fish Association
Att; Darlene Daniel
Reference for Nunzio J Incremona
Captain/Guide Program

May 11, 2012


From : Uncle Aaron’s Tackle Shack
May 14, 2012
International Game Fish Association

To:  Darlene Daniel

Re:  Reference for Nunzio J. Incremona

I am writing this character reference in support of Nunzio Incremona as a fly fishing guide and Captain.  I have come to known Nunzio as an expert in this capacity.  As a fishing shop owner, I rely on Nunzio to be a “go to” source for my customers who are interested in all facets of fly fishing casting – from basic, intermediate and advanced – to achieving the all-around fly fishing experience.

Nunzio also comes with a unique background of knowledge and experience in the waterways of Northeast United States.  These experiences have allowed him to give a varied set of customer-friendly techniques that draw attention to him even as he is merely talking to the average fisherman.
Nunzio would be an asset to any organization that seeks out his expertise.  Those who have learned from him have been pleased with their increased knowledge of the sport.  Nunzio has also reached out to offer free casting classes to young adults ages 9 and up. There are already “fishing stories” in our local area that have Nunzio’s name attached to them.  I plan on his involvement here in Northwest Connecticut to be a long and successful run.

Please contact me if you would like any additional information about Nunzio.  I can be reached at 860-307-7157 or at uncleaaronstackeleshack@mail.com


Aaron R. Bishop
Uncle Aaron’s Tackle Shack

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

Francis J. Verdoliva, Jr.
Special Assistant / Salmon River
Salmon River Hatchery
2133 County Rt. 22,
Altmar, New York 13302
Phone: (315) 298- 7605  FAX: (315) 298-6960 
e-mail : fjverdol@gw.dec.state.us

Joe Martens

IGFA Captain / Guide program
May 28, 2012

To Whom it may concern,

I have been asked to offer a letter of recommendation for Nunzio Incremona who is applying for the IGFA Captain/ Guide Program. As a former New York State Licensed Guide and also IGFA Line Class Record Holder [Fly Fishing / Steelhead/2 Lb. leader] I can give a recommendation that Nunzio be considered for the program.

Nunzio at one time was one of my clients when I was still guiding. I have known him to be an ethical angler with a deep concern for the protection of the resource. He also has a commitment to bettering the sport of fly fishing by handing down his knowledge to those he fishes with, especially young anglers who we are seeing less and less involved with outdoor activities. Nunzio has been a client himself, guided by others, and therefore understands and appreciates what a client needs when he is in the act of guiding them. Guide others the way you would expect to be guided yourself.

I believe Nunzio will meet the professional and ethical standards needed for the IGFA Captain/Guide Program and recommend that you consider him to be included in the program


Francis J. Verdoliva Jr.
NYSDEC Special Assistant/ Salmon River