Free Casting Clinic!

Don’t buy that new rod until you take this course! Have a problem with your cast?  Want to learn how to fix it?  Come to this class with all your questions and if you have one, your fly rod and reel.  Did you ever wonder, I want to learn how to Fly Fish, but I don’t know if I’ll be able to learn how to cast?

Did you ever walk into a Fly Shop, ready to buy that Fly Rod, and the salesman took you right to that one special rod and said,” Now this is what you want to buy”! Many people have, and most of those people can’t cast.  I have taught hundreds, no thousands, and most of them had brand new equipment that they purchased, used it two or three times, and got disgusted and put it in a closet or the garage and never took it out again.

Join me for a short instructional course that will show you exactly what rod you should buy, how to fix your casting problems and make you look like a seasoned fly fisherman
in about an hours time.  I’m not doing this to sell you any equipment.  I’m only doing this because too many people are being sold the wrong equipment first and being told, “Oh you need to take one of our casting classes so you will be able to cast better.”  I’m here to tell you that this is all BULL!

I want you to learn and I want you to be able to buy the right equipment.  I’ll even give you recommendations of what manufacturer you should buy from.  Let me put a rod into your hand and find out for yourself.  If you are seasoned and you are having problems with a certain cast, I’ll show you exactly how to fix it!  This class will be offered during
the week between 6 and 8 p.m., and on Saturdays at Uncle Aaron’s Tackle Shack in Riverton, Connecticut.  Check the site for dates or just contact me to set up your appointment for the class.  You will be pleasantly surprised!  Remember it’s FREE. Contact me at or call me at 860-936-2313. Remember, if you are new to this sport; don’t spend a Dime until you take this class!


Nymphing and Streamers

One of the most productive methods of Fly Fishing, is with nymphs and streamers.  Did you know that some of the most productive hatches that happen through the day on a dry fly only last about 2 to 3 hours.  Did you know that almost 16 hours of the day, all those fish are being caught on Nymphs and Streamers

Learn the proper techniques in fishing a nymph and streamers on the water while you learn how to read and eliminate unproductive water.  Learn the secrets behind one fly Nymphing verses Euro-Nymphing and Czech Nymphing.  Learn how to rig your leader to accomplish the most out of your Fly Fishing experience.

This course and guided trip includes Lunch, Flies and Leaders.  It will be a very full day that may go 8 hours or longer.  We will also be traveling to different parts of the river so as to show you everything possible that you will encounter on any fishing trip.
Don’t forget polarized sun glasses and a wading staff!

Cost of this course Full Day  $255.00


Dry Fly Fishing

Dry fly fishing is one of the most exciting fishing techniques there is.  Waiting for that nose to peek out of the water and see him sip in the fly.  You see it happen and you know when to set the hook.  The adrenaline pumps you up as you play the fish.  Learn how to perfect your casting skills, so that you can cast that 12’ to 15’ leader and tippet and not tangle or get a wind knot.  When you fish, the waters are usually crystal clear and the only way to hook your fish is total stealth, almost invisible leader and tippet and totally camouflaging yourself to look like the background surroundings.  Learn all of the techniques, how to enter the water, search the seams and keep totally quiet as you cast to the trophy that you can only dream about catching.

Cost Full Day:  One-on-One Instruction--$255.00, includes lunch, flies and leaders

My wife Paulette with her first Bonefish