About The Fly Fishing Guide Service

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The service I provide is first and foremost educational.  I will teach you every method of presentation to be able to hook that trophy fish.  I will teach you how to read the water so you are not fishing in a non-productive area.  I will teach you how not to enter into a dangerous situation when you are walking through a river.  I will also teach you to play and land your fish so that there will be no injury to the fish and you can release it for an opportunity to come back and catch it again.  I will put you on top of fish so you can sight fish your cast.  Most important of all, we will have fun!If you have kids, I start classes for them from the age of 6.  I start classes in fly fishing at the age of 9.  Get them to be part of the memories so both of you can remember the fish you caught together. 

I offer a walk and wade fly fishing guide service.  I have guided all levels of fly fishers from children just learning how to use that Zebco reel to adults that have never fished.  I have also guided the most experienced fly fisherman, too.  I offer equipment such as Orvis and Sage rods, reels, flies, leader and tippets.  I practice safe wading rivers and streams as well as courtesy and high ethics in fishing.

I guide in 4 main regions:  Connecticut, New York State, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.  These areas are fished depending on where the fishing is best for my clients.  We can fish the wild trout of Pennsylvania or fish for salmon and steelhead in New York State.  I also offer a destination trip to the North Branch of the Umpqua River in Oregon.  This trip is for the more experienced angler who fishes big rivers.You will find me at any of these places fishing on any given week of the year.  Come with me and catch Rainbows up to 7 and 8 pounds, Steelhead up to 12 pounds and larger, Atlantic Salmon up to 10 pounds with one landed last year that was 28 pounds in New York State.

Come with me to experience the migration of King Salmon and Brown Trout that you measure in pounds, not inches!  Come see what the fun of fly fishing is all about.