This class is structured as a hands-on instruction course on the water.  You will be taught how to read the water, know how to stay away from dangerous situations and learn how to walk and wade through different currents so that you will never fall.  If you fall in strong currents, you will be instructed on what exactly you should do so you don’t drown and reach the shoreline safely!  You will go to many different areas on the river which may cover up to 15 miles in order to learn about all possibilities.  Course instruction can be accommodated for groups, if necessary.  This is a class that everyone should have, especially Beginners.
Gear Needed: Boots, waders, wading staff and polarized sun glasses

Cost:  $175 per person. 


This is an advanced course for the fly fisherman who wants to improve their cast, as well as learn specific casts to use in every different situation on the water to present his fly to the fish.  This will include at least 10 of the best casting techniques, and more, if we come upon any unique areas that present that problem for a new cast.  This is a hands-on course which can be arranged for 1 or more people or a group.  New techniques for Nymph fishing, dry fly and streamers will be shown.  Also, I will show some of the new Euro-nymphing and Czech-nymphing techniques.  This class is for everyone who wants to excel in their presentation techniques in order to get a better shot at that once in a lifetime trophy fish.  You should have a wading staff, waders, boots, rain gear, if necessary, and your fly rod, reel and flies.  Don’t forget your polarized sun glasses.  This class is not about fishing.  This is a class as to train you how to present a fly to your target.

Class instruction costs:  $235.00 per person-full day course. 


This class includes instruction on water safety, reading the water, casting instruction, new nymphing techniques, streamers and dry fly presentation and guided fishing on the Farmington River.  This is a full day on the water.  How to target fish and eliminate DEAD WATER.  Give yourself the best chance to catch the fish.  All courses include lunch.  You must provide your own gear including belt tied waders, boots, wading staff, polarized glasses, rain gear, rod, reel, flies and any line and tippet material you prefer.

Full day course instruction & guiding:  $275.00 per person 


Please ask pricing on group rates and individual custom instruction!  All classes above come with lunch.

Guided Fishing Trips

Guided fishing trip dates fill very quickly!  Please book your trip as soon as possible.  Trips for the following are being booked now:

  • Trout on the Farmington River, can be booked year round
  • Atlantic Salmon on the waters in New York State. Spring and Fall King Salmon, Coho, and Chum Salmon from late summer through early November.
  • Trophy Rainbow Trout in New York State. Dates available in early spring.
  • Spring Steel Head in New York State. Dates available from February through April.
  • Trophy Brown Trout in New York State. These very hard to hook.  Brown Trout are 10 pound plus and aching to be caught. Learn how to hook one of these monsters. The best time starts just before Halloween, and if water conditions aren’t low, may last as long as the later part of December.
  • Striped Bass trips available for Cape Cod. This is a walk and wade trip on the beaches and in the back bays. You’ll never know what you will hook. You will probably hook up Blue Fish on this trip also. Additional costs for going to Monomoy by rental boat Drop off. You may actually have the ability to sight fish for these Fish because of the clarity of the water. Trips start in early June through August.
  • Pricing on Guided Trips are per person. I can accommodate up to Three people per trip.  I prefer only One person for the Cape Cod trips, but I will take two clients. Special pricing for groups of three, please ask.  Pricing is different depending on location fished. Please call for a quote!

Don’t miss out contact me now!   E-Mail Or call me at 860-936-2313. Not sure if you can Fly Fish? Try one of my FREE Beginner Fly Casting Clinics on Sunday. Let me put a rod in your hand and show you how to cast 50 feet almost immediately.This will take All the guessing out of knowing whether you can handle a rod before you buy one!  Don’t spend the MONEY until You Know!

advanced professional instruction

Do you think you can wade safely through this part of the river.? Let me show you how!