Things You Will Need and Things You Need TO Know


When you get ready to come on one of my Trips, there will be a few things you need to make sure you have and do!

First, let me know of any Medical Problems you may have before you get into a river or come out on the flats of the salt.

Then let me be aware of any Dietary Issues you may have in case I’m bringing lunch for everyone.  Then, remember to wear in case it is Late fall and Winter, a Polar Tech 3, 4, or 5 weight under garment with a breathable silk over garment or very light Polar Tech top.  This will allow for transpiration and wick any sweat away from your body and the internal heat will keep you warm.

The next thing is to wear a double layer of socks. I prefer a Polar Tech Sock under a Merino wool sock. This will work in the same manor for your feet as your body.

Bring a Mitten type Polar Tech glove with a Gore Tex lining to wear, one with the   front of the fingers that can be pushed back,  or put back over the finger tips. They usually hold down with Velcro.

Next and probably most important is the hat. Again, try to get a Polar Tech water resistant Skull cap that you can wear under waxed cotton or a waterproof (Gore Tex) hat. This will definitely keep the heat in where you need it the most. Don’t forget, your wading boots should always be one size larger than your shoe size. You should always be able to wiggle your toes. If you can’t, GET OUT OF THE WATER! you are going into Hypothermia and getting frost bite.

Wear a comfortable top. Bring a Gore Tex wading jacket and wear a Boot foot, preferably 5mm wader. This will assure you of being warm in the water that probably will be a mean 33 degrees Fahrenheit.

Ear muffs, yellow lens Polarized sun glasses, and a couple of changes of clothes for the end of the day. Then remember CLEATS for your BOOTSKorkers, or the new Patagonia slide on grips will give you all the traction you need. Last but not least, Don’t Forget Your Wading Staff ( At Least 60 Inches) !!!!

 The main thing I want for you is to be Safe, Warm, and Very Dry!

One last thing, you may think fishing in the late spring, the water will be warmer and you don’t need all the warmth; WRONG! The Farmington River in Connecticut is just plain Cold. I had a client who fished with me in May, he got so cold,  he could not feel his feet. The Farmington is a bottom release from a dam. The water is a constant 43 to 54 degrees all year round. That is why the Trout fishing is so great.

You will need gear to keep warm, especially out on the Cape looking for Stripers in the early spring.  Let’s have Fun!  Let’s catch Fish!  Let’s be Safe!  Let’s get back home in one piece so we can show off the Trophy!   TIGHT LINES from NUNZIO